Kalimba For Health

An African instrument, the Thumb Piano is also called  Kalimba. Two more terms are the Mbria or Likembe. They all look a little bit similar to one another but quite naturally they have a variance in the sounds each instrument makes. These instruments have been around for thousands of years. Originally the keys were made of bamboo and over time the keys were replaced with metal keys. In the early 1900s, the thumb piano gave the name Kalimba.

Ancient African instruments are called lamellaphones and The Kalimba, or African thumb piano, is an also modern member of that family. All over the world, each cultural group has its own unique type of kalimba and its own name.

Sound of Kalimba:

It was thought in ancient times the Kalimba was to project its sound into heaven and was even considered to draw down spirits to the earth. Some of them were violent spirits in which the music would stop until the spirits had departed from the area. Now let’s look at the craftsmanship of the piano. The piano is made of rosewood and the soundboard is made of spruce and comes in different tunings. On the back of the instrument is has two vibrato holes and the fingers alter the sound by moving them over the holes and away from the holes.

The tone of kalmia is basically adjusted tines so they have the exact sound they are supposed to, according to which note a tine is designated to play.

Physical description of Kalimba:

Physical description of Kalimba is that the basic Kalimba have a soundbox with metal keys or tongues (called lamellas)  these are attached on the top of the kalimba. The keys or tongues are usually made from cane. The soundbox is made with an African hardwood and the keys or tongues of kalimba are made out of European spring steel.


For Musicians:

Most of the time the Kalimba is played by a solo musician and the tuning is not critical as playing with another musician. If playing with another musician then you may want to take note of the tunings. The lower keys have a low pitch while the shorter keys have a high pitch. All of the keys on the Kalimba can be tuned by adjusting the pieces of metal inward or outward. The low keys are located in the center of the wooden box and the high keys are located on the outside of the box. This Dobani brand instrument has a very incredible sound. This particular  Kalimba or finger piano as it is sometimes called is a well-made product. The Kalimba is part of the bar percussion family.

Kalimbas have 17 keys for the professional musician who has a lot of skills. With these keys, you will teach yourself many great songs. More so, with these 17 keys Kalimba, you can compose outstanding and heart touching your own songs. Instrumentalist is eager to know or learn something and would love to try out a Kalimba. The name kalimba derives from Bantu word which means “little music”, and is similar to the word karimba, a type of mbira.


Kalimba Musical Therapy:

Kalimba music therapy is to relieve stress or ease depression in that case the act of creating music can be an important therapeutic tool. Kalimba enable positive change through the sound created it is light and whimsical. it is the best way to release tension, depression and stress.

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