The mbira is an instrument from the African continent it is played with the thumbs and one finger. The keys mbira is made of gwariva hardwood soundboard that is attached with 22 to 28 metal, usually placed inside a large gourd to amplify the sound. , Mbira played in religious ceremonies and social gatherings as a musical instrument.

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Sound  Description Of Mbira:

Either on a lower portion of the Mbira placed on metal beads strung on a wire, or bottle tops or shells mounted on a metal plate and the soundboard of mbira to add a buzz which varies from a soft hiss to a tambourine-like sound. on mbira Bottle tops or shells are also mounted on the deze to increase the buzz. The buzz is considered an important part of the mbira sound, it is required to clear the mind of thoughts, tensions, and worries so that the mbira music can fill the consciousness of the performers and listeners. The tones of the mbira keys clear through the buzz adds depth and context, and it may be heard as whispering voices, singing, tapping, knocking, wind or rain.

Musical therapy of Mbira:

The mbira is a musical instrument the Shona people of Zimbabwe created and performed it as a musical instrument. To heal physical and mental illness, depression and tension Mbira music have been used by the Shona people of Zimbabwe for that purpose. For the Shona, healing results from both the mbira’s sound music therapy and its power to summon ancestor spirits who influence the health of the living. Whenever you listen to mbira, you are a spirit in a result your thoughts and worries are gone and your body can heal through that spiritual music.

The sound of mbira will defiantly affect you with or without your belief in its healing power because of its miracle healing power. There is no music that you found as sacred and touching as mbira. Mbira music is having the form of a circle. The fundamental melodic and rhythmic lines of a mbira song repeat themselves in spiraling cycles, drawing musician and listener into a state of meditation. In this musical therapy, mind, and body find balance and natural vitality asserts itself.

In the age of 16 in 1974  Erica Azim is a Californian who fell in love with traditional Shona mbira music when she first heard it. Erica became traditional mbira masters one of the first people from outside Zimbabwe. At that time, Zimbabwe was racist Rhodesia in the throes of liberation war. Touched by the arrival of a young white woman who respected ancient Shona tradition a stark contrast with the white government that reviled it – musicians extended a warm welcome. Erica is now known in Zimbabwe as a skilled performer qualified to play at traditional ceremonies and accepted by the ancient spirits of the Shona. Erica’s workshops and performances have introduced international audiences to the traditional Shona music of Zimbabwe

Mbira and Healing:

Mbira music has been used to heal physical and mental illness for more than a millennium. Healing results from both the mbira’s sound and its power the spirits who influence the health of the living.

Whenever you listen to mbira, you are a spirit. Your thoughts and worries, tensions are gone and your body can heal. The sound of mbira will positively affect you with or without your belief in mbira healing power.

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